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Do-It-Yourself Designs: Get Sporty
Rs. 900

Lose those baggy sweatpants and tube socks! Fashion design is now a team sport! Do-It-Yourself Designs Get Sporty gives aspiring sportswear designers a chance to go for the gold with a series of fun, challenging sports-themed projects. This fabulous kit comes with everything kids need to create a wardrobe: reversible stencils, patterned papers, fabric swatches, stickers, beading, and even models to show off the finished designs. The 32-page instruction book is a beginning designer’s dream, filled with tricks of the trade, style tips, mix-and-match suggestions, and lots of cheerleading to keep the designers’ spirits up. Whether they’re designing fashions for the local skate park, the slopes, or center court, kids will walk away winners. No sweat!

Author: Jayne Miller,
Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books
ISBN: 9781592234387
Cover Type: Hard-Back Cover

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