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Firefly Great World Atlas
Rs. 1,500

This magnificent atlas provides authoritative coverage of the globe in cartography of exceptional quality. The physical and political maps, using the latest digital cartography, are fully revised and updated. They provide balanced coverage of the continents, but give extra prominence to densely populated, and economically or strategically important areas. Projections and scales have been chosen to maximize legibility and minimize distortion. The maps (made by the acclaimed Philip's Maps) combine relief shading with layer colored contours to give a stunning visual impression of Earth's surface, while charting physical features, settlements and communications with meticulous accuracy. The extensive index contains more than 55,000 names -- provinces, towns and cities, rivers, lake and deserts. Both latitude and longitude co-ordinates and letter-figure grid references are here. Contents feature: - 128 pages of physical and political maps - 96 pages of index - 48-page Introduction to World Geography - 32 pages of satellite images of world regions - a special map showing regions currently in the news The metallic-ink and foil-stamped cover will be very attractive to readers. This is an exceptionally fine atlas for the price.

Author: Royal Geographical Society,
Publisher: Firefly Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781554071210
Cover Type: Hard-Back Cover

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