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Friends Not Masters
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People in developing countries seek assistance but on the basic of mutual respect The disadvantage of “helping America” is that one always has to hear the deafening “Pakistan must do more” chant. The mantra never ends. Nothing is enough. Pakistanis and Muslim shed blood for America. 2 million Muslims died for America and the West in their silly egotistical “I have bigger cahunas” cold war. How much of the worlds resources were wasted on a war that ended with a whimper without any surrender documents. Today all the “enemies” are the best of friends. While airports are named after Ronald Reagan and the Republicans take credit for the destruction of the Soviet Union, no credit is given to Pakistan or Pakistanis or Muslims who died in destroying the USSR’s “evil empire”. The lunches in the White House lawns for the “mujahideen” are have been long forgotten, replaced with the deafening “Pakistan must do more”.

Author: Mohammad Khan
Publisher: Mr. Books
ISBN: 330000041056
Cover Type: Hard-Back Cover

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