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Like most Filipinos living in the Philippines, I have relatives who are bicultural in race or in upbringing. Often, when they come to visit the Philippines everyone states the evident, they look foreign or they act foreign. Yet, studying biculturism and cultural psychology one begins to realize how challenging things may be for them, for in their Western homes, they look too Asian and in their Asian home, they look too Western. Is it necessarily the best of both worlds? Or a constant limbo? I bring this up, as Jhumpa Lahiriís book Unaccustomed Earth, a collection of short stories, touches on the lives of Indians growing up in the United States or in the United Kingdom. While Lahiri doesnít necessarily touch on the issues, she gives light to how it is to grow up to migrant parents with a set of values and beliefs that are very different from the greater culture outside their home

Author: Unaccustomed Earth
Publisher: un
ISBN: 9780747597124
Cover Type: Hard-Back Cover

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