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Although the term jihad nowadays used with or interchangibly with terrorism its pure meaning is to strive in the way of Allah which is a religious duty for all muslims.In Islam this term is used in a religious context to refer two types of struggles : an interval struggle to maintain faith and the struggle to improve the Muslim society is a holy war. Amongst these terms the latter gains so much prominence nowadays within the terrorism’s becoming the main issue of the century. Central Asia is one of the most significant regions where lots of the Islamic movements aiming jihad are gathering their group. These Islamic movements or parties are not only prominent for their country or region but also they are prominent to the world. This fact have not been considerable to the decision makers of the world until the 9/11 events. Within the 9/11 events the prominence of these groups for world politics came to the rounds and this issue is examined more seriously by decision makers. The book “Jihad” was written by Ahmed Rashid as a conclusion to this uprising curiosity towards the issue. As a journalist Ahmed Rashid has written his observations and knowledge of him in the book about the issue. Book could be considered as amongst the most reliable and rich source to whom are interested in the Central Asian Islamic movements.

Author: Ahmed Rashid
Publisher: New York : Penguin Books, 2003.
ISBN: 142002607
Cover Type: Hard-Back Cover

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