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Kayastha Kitchens Through India The Courtly Cuisine
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A highly educated and cultured community, the Kayasthas occupied powerful positions in various courts spread across the country. They have an evolved and well-developed culinary history. Given the myriad regional influences (mainly Muslim) the Kayastha cuisine is marked by the dominance of red meat, masalas, and cooking styles that are distinctly unique, like dhungar and dum. The Courtly Cuisine: Kayastha Kitchens Through India highlights some of the more refined and popular recipes passed down from one generation to the next. The recipes here are truly home-style cooking as they have been modified and made simple, without compromising on taste, to suit the present day needs. Each dish has step-by-step photographs which make cooking more fun and simple. Recipes are carefully picked to represent the Kayastha community from all parts of India. They are robust, aromatic, and flavourful. A must-have book for all lovers of good food!

Author: Preeta Mathur
Publisher: Roli Books
ISBN: 9788174369055
Cover Type: Hard-Back Cover

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