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Made for Mughal Emperors
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The greatest art of Hindustan under the Mughal dynasty was produced by Akbar Jahangir and Shah Jahan between 1570 and 1650. Court ceremonies were held in places filled with jewels, jade, gold and sumptuous fabrics from the royal treasuries. Artists and craftsmen came from all over the Indian subcontinent, from Iran and from Europe. New styles quickly developed in architecture as in the art of the book, in textiles and in jewellery. Susan Stronger's beautifully illustrated new book brings to life the splendor of the court, famous today for legendary monuments like the Taj Mahal. Made for Mughal Emperors gives a fascinating insight into the lives of the rulers and their families, seen through their art. It shows the versatility of the emperor's artist and craftsmen - painters were sometimes calligraphers or designers of objects, and one royal goldsmith was an acclaimed poet. By Shah Jahan's reign, harmony of design linked everything they made. The artistic world they created was filled with blossoming plants that made his palace an earthly paradise.

Author: S. Stronge,
Publisher: Lustre Press
ISBN: 9788174366962
Cover Type: Hard-Back Cover

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