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Paulo Coelho
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Paulo Coelho may be one of my favorite authors. His writing is insightful and intense. He writes like a poet about the most ordinary things. In reading some of his previous novels, I have found reason to pause and contemplate. Unfortunately, Brida is not on the top of my “contemplate list”. It is more like a kids story than a powerful book with a strong message - something we come to expect with Paulo Coelho. Brida is an Irish gal who wants to learn about the mysteries of the magical world. First of all, a reader has to suspend their notions of magic and continue with an open mind. Coelho’s world of magic is not one of pointed hats, warty noses, spells, and black cats. The world of magic that Brida enters is based on the power of God and Love. Coelho writes about an accessible magic that involves tapping into intuition and the natural forces at work in the world. Readers of Coelho will understand that his writing is based in spirituality and not specific faith.

Author: Brida
Publisher: Harpercollins
ISBN: 9780007278596
Cover Type: Hard-Back Cover

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