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Simply Golf
Rs. 1,100

The Bottom Line: This product is best for the beginning and intermediate player, but also nice winter fare for any golfer. Excellently priced for a book and DVD combo. This is an interesting product -- though listed in Epinions under the Books category, it actually has a couple of options packages. The deluxe option includes a 50-minute DVD, an illustrated 64-page companion book, an alignment grip for a practice club, a putting diagram, and a practice putting cup to place on the floor. The deluxe options package can be found among the remainders at Border's (and likely other places) for $20. The standard options package, reviewed here, includes only the 50-minute DVD and the 64-page companion book. I also found the standard options package among the remainders at Border's, though priced at $8, and Amazon also offers it at less than $10 as of this writing. Steve Bann, the star of the DVD and book, is a former professional golfer and coach of PGA Tour golfers Robert Allenby and Stuart Appleby. Those credentials alone make Simply Golf: Back to Basics a real bargain, costing maybe a tenth of the price of a lesson with a local club pro. Of course, neither a book or DVD can provide the instant feedback on your actual swing that a lesson with a pro can. But Bann does give some good points on what your actual swing should be, and advice from someone of his caliber will usually be helpful. The book is heavily illustrated in full color, breaking down various aspects of swings and stretching exercises. Steve Bann is the subject of all illustrations. There is usually no more than a two-column page of text at a time, separated by several illustrations. The text is straightforward and well-written. The nicely produced DVD, which also features Bann, echoes the majority of the book, but Bann's Aussie accent is soothing and the golf course setting behind him is lovely, green, and peaceful, all of which gives hope that golf can be simple.

Author: Steve Bann
Publisher: Hinkler
ISBN: 9781741577747
Cover Type: Hard-Back Cover

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