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Stop the Excuses
Rs. 650

We all have the unique power of self-mastery - the power to do whatever we want and act however we want. But we also all have doubts and fears, and these often get in the way of us realizing our dreams and being able to achieve anything we want. How do you get past the little voice that say 'I can't'? In his groundbreaking work, bestselling author Wayne Dyer shows clearly that you can - and you will - by stopping the doubt and starting to believe. He examines closely how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours cause us to act as we do and how they can be changed to provide inspiration, encouragement and a vital support system for our self-esteem. You can change and life your life how you want - just stop the excuses!

Author: Wayne W. Dyer,
Publisher: Hay House
ISBN: 9788189988777
Cover Type: Paper-Back Cover

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