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Tales of Two Cities
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A Tale of Two of Two Cities is a great story and was an instant classic. A very famous quote from this book is "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." If you have read this book you should know this quote by heart. I really liked this book with all of the suspense and the heroics, but some parts were confusing. The beginning of the book starts off slow and somewhat confusing, but as I read on I caught on to the gist of the story and then couldn't put it down. Each chapter ending in a cliffhanger I found myself saying one more chapter after I finished each one. Charles Dickens was an ingenious author. He wrote many classics and knew how to make stories come together in a great way. He wrote A Tale of Two Cities after he wrote an unsuccessful book, but it just shows that he was persistent and kept going even when things weren't so great. He fought through all of that and wrote a great book and it became a classic. The vocabulary in this book was very complex and I had to look up many of the words in the dictionary, but it didn't get in the way. If I found a word that I didn't know I just looked it up, found out what it meant, and then kept reading. It really didn't get in the way, but it happened throughout the book. Overall, this was a very well written book. It had many positives to it and had only a couple negatives. The only problem I see with it is younger readers would have trouble comprehending what is going on throughout the book. This was an enjoyable book to read and I would read it again.

Author: Kuldip Nayar / Asif Noorani
Publisher: Roli
ISBN: 9788174366764
Cover Type: Hard-Back Cover

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