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The Essential Guide to Decorating
Rs. 650

This is the definitive book for all home decorating enthusiasts. Fully illustrated throughout, this book will enable you to transform every room of your house. It contains a thorough introduction to all basic decorative techniques, including painting, tiling, wallpapering and flooring, tips on choosing the right style for your home and a guide to the range of tools and materials available. Whether you are choosing a type of paint or tiling a kitchen worktop, wallpapering around a corner or fixing a dado rail to the wall, you will be able to master and develop your home decorating skills. Each chapter focuses on planning your space, choosing furnishings and textiles, selecting the right storage and using effective lighting. With a unique blend of accessible practical advice, "The Essential Guide to Decorating" is a book that you will want to return to time and time again.

Author: Vinny lee
Publisher: BayBook
ISBN: 9781921259357
Cover Type: Paper-Back Cover

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