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The Zahir
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The Zahir by Paulo Coelho is a book about a renowned author whose wife suddenly disappears mysteriously without a trace. She was last spotted with a young Khazakstanian who goes by the name of Mikhail. The author embarks on a journey to figure out what made his wife leave, what role he played in making her leave, where he is going to find her, and basically he examines his relationship with his wife in his quest to figure out what went wrong. Mikhail helps him discover the divine energy of love and how to relinquish his personal history in order to come one step closer to the woman he loves. The Zahir is something which once touched or seen, can never be forgotten, and which so gradually fills our thoughts that we are driven to madness. The authorís wife Esther became his zahir. What I liked about the book was that it was not only entertaining, but enlightening as well. Here are a few excerpts that really stood out for me from the book.

Author: Panlo Coelho
Publisher: Harper
ISBN: 9788172236298
Cover Type: Paper-Back Cover

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