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The vampire diaries the awaking and the struggle
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Since we had a big buzz about vampires last week, I thought of writing a review about a vampire book. You know like homotherapy. I know that most of you prefer the show, but I haven't seen any episode and I enjoyed the book. The story is about Elena. She's the popular girl in her high-school, really pretty, everyone wants her, none of them resist her. Everything in her life is perfect, except the fact that she lost her parents couple years ago. One day, the really good-looking Stefan appears in the school and Elena fells in love for him. But Stefan has a secret. He's a vampire and he has a pretty interesting back story, which includes his, also vampire, brother Damon. As I said, I enjoyed the book. It was interesting to read about two guys fighting for a girl. And not common guys. About the main characters: Elena was kind of selfish. She wanted Stefan and she wanted him bad. She was planning how to talk to him and thinking about his secret a lot. She has so many things around her that most people don't, like good friends and a family that loves her and she was always unhappy and wanted more. Stefan, on the other hand, was too kind. He was stuck in the years he was raised and he couldn't really resist to Elena. He was clear about his past life and of what he is and even though he didn't say it he gave Elena the oppurtunity to walk away. Damon reminds me the older brother who wants all the toys. He is really mean to his brother and doesn't leave Stefan alone for once. He's the bad guy that no girl can resist. He's more powerful and he likes Elena a lot but he's not willing to change a bit so he can get her. The book was simple. Written by a woman, it didn't have too much action in it, but there were too many feelings. It didn't give you the idea of a love triangle as we are used to. There are not the common cliches about vampires, which was odd for me. Seriously now is there a book that let the vampire legends as they are and haven't changed them?? I don't believe I know what a vampire can do and how it transform. In spite of that, I've spent a week reading a book which was more romance than paranormal and if you want the same, this book is a nice choice for you.

Author: L. J. Smith
Publisher: :HarperTeen,
ISBN: 9780061140976
Cover Type: Paper-Back Cover

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