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Yoga for Weight Loss
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Yoga for Weight Loss is a ground-breaking regime that stops the endless cycle of weight loss and weight gain, by putting you back in control of your body, your eating habits and your attitude to your weight. Based on the gentle Hatha yoga technique, which works to balance the body in order to gain optimum health, fitness and confidence, this programme can be practised by absolutely anyone - young and old, beginner or expert. The eating plan and yoga programme work together for maximum effect; the diet helps you to lose the weight and the yoga helps to streamline your shape by optimising your metabolism through effective breathing techniques and postures. Plus it gives you the strength of mind and determination to keep the weight off. The programme is sensible, workable and fits neatly around your everyday life. Commit to the yoga workout and suggested eating plan daily for only four weeks and you will see the results you deserve.

Author: Celia Hawe
ISBN: 9780857830142
Cover Type: Hard-Back Cover

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