Obama: From Promise to Power
Rs. 750

Descent Into Chaos
Rs. 1,395

Che Guevara
Rs. 1,875

The Great Speeches
Rs. 575

The Israel lobby and us For Foreign Policy
Rs. 475

The Bin Ladens
Rs. 995

Musharraf: The Year In Power
Rs. 545

The Al Qaedia Connection
Rs. 895

Rs. 945

Playing with Fire
Rs. 1,250

Punjabi Taliban
Rs. 1,280

Back to Work
Rs. 1,150

How to Run the World
Rs. 3,800

From Third World to First Intl
Rs. 780

The Pakistan Cauldron: Conspiracy, Assassination & Instability
Rs. 1,480

Instant City
Rs. 1,150

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